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January kickstarter

time for an adventure...

In this moment we find ourselves in, it is easy to lose sight of the power of the gospel. Everything we receive from God comes by faith. Trust is His way. We want to take the first weeks of 2021 to lean in to faith. To remind ourselves that even when we can't see ahead, God is worthy of our trust and faithful to His promises. Join us for 21 days as we engage with the scriptures, connect with the Spirit and encourage one another to be a part of God's hope to the world. 
As a community, starting on Monday 11th January for 21 days, we will be following a bible reading plan on faith together. There will also be videos, activations and stories for these 3 weeks along the way to help us go deeper into this adventure of faith. We would love for you to join us on this journey.
This content will be released daily on this page, our socials, or you can sign up below to have them emailed daily to you. 
Let's step into 2021 with faith. 
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