A family to be part of...

Following Jesus was never supposed to be done on your own. We can't fully step into what we've been made for without having a family to be a part of. We'd love to invite you, if you're not already - to come and join the adventure with us as a family on mission together. 

When we get together as a church family, whether in a coffee shop, in a home, a play park or on a Sunday morning we expect God to be present by His Spirit and we encourage one another to step out, to risk (even a little) to see Jesus have His way. 

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Our Table Groups

So much happens around the table, as we connect with one another, open up the conversation, enjoy some food - Jesus is present with us and at work among us. OUR TABLE GROUPS are a chance to journey life and faith with others and be empowered to share what Jesus is doing in you with others.

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Vineyard Hope

God's heart beats for the brokenhearted, the destitute, 

the marginalised - 'the poor'. So we will always look for 

ways to let people encounter Jesus by loving and servingthe poor and in need across our city. 

No-one should go hungry in our city! So we pick up an extra food item or two every week and bring it to our Sunday Gathering to partner with 'The Pantry Project', which works with other churches and charities across the city to feed the hungry. . 

Every month we make up 'boxes of hope' full of essentialsfor women and children that have had to leave a 

dangerous domestic or trafficking situation. We give 

these practical examples of hope through Foyle Women'sAid. We'd love you to get involved. 

Kid's Ministry

When we get together its for the whole family, so if you've kids bring the entire crew. We all worship together and then you can sign your kids into a programme that takes place during the talk.

We want our kids to get to do the same stuff we do when it comes to a life of faith and following Jesus so, our Sunday mornings aim at giving them the tools for a life of faith where they see Jesus show up in a real way in their 

everyday lives. They get to pray for the sick, serve the 

poor, have fun together, hear from God and share Jesus with their friends just like we do as adults.


On various Saturday's throughout the term

Our passion is that everyone would experience the reality of God's presence and power in their lives and that we as Jesus followers would know how to lead people into an encounter with Him in our everyday lives - whether at work, school, a coffee shop, out walking the dog or talking with a neighbour. 

Presence is a chance to learn and grow in this. We'll get to encounter His Presence together, then take that out into our city. Its not just for those of a particularly bold nature - its for everyone.

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