Hearts at Home (part 2)



Our world is broken and so sometimes it doesn’t feel like everything works right and our hearts are at peace. We can get hurt and upset. The wonderful thing is that one day Jesus is coming back, and He will remove all the things in the world that are causing hurt and pain, all the evil and He will heal our hearts. For those who trust in Jesus now, that day will be a wonderful day when our hearts feel completely at home.

At the moment, in between, we get to experience a taste of our future home through the Holy Spirit who comes to live inside us and to let our hearts experience rest and peace because where the presence of God is, our hearts feel at home. 


Even if the world is in chaos, even if home our hearts are sore, we can ask the Holy Spirit to come near and to remind us of our true home, with God, that we get to experience now and will experience completely in the end.



1.    If you could have any super power to help people what would it be? 

2.    What are you looking forward to most about when Jesus comes back and makes all things new?  

3.    How can we be people who bring heaven to earth now?   


Consider something that is chaotic or out of order, not as God would want it to be. Pray and ask God to bring His Kingdom to this situation, so that it looks like His World (heaven), the ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can help work with God to help. 


Nursery Rhyme Pictionary – have a list of nursery rhymes and the person has to draw the nursery rhyme for the group – the group has to guess what the rhyme is.