Forgiving those who hurt us



Have you ever had someone hurt you or cause you to be upset, maybe a friend or a brother or sister? How die that feel? Have you ever been the one to hurt them? 

In this world, we can cause each other hurt and be unkind to one another and it leaves a mark. When someone hurts us all we want to do is get them back. But God has a better way, He wants us to trust Him to make it right and to forgive those who hurt us. 

That's what God did with Joseph - He used everything that happened to do something good. And because Joseph knew this, even though His brothers had hurt him and hated him and wanted him dead - in spite of everything - we couldn't stop loving them, his heart was filled with love and he forgave them. 

God showed us love and forgave us, through Jesus, even though we hurt Him loads. He wants us to show the same love and forgiveness to those who hurt us. Because when we do, we extend God's world, here on earth. 



1.    Describe a time where you broke something by accident and tried to put it back together? How'd it go?  

2.    Think about a time when you've been hurt and needed to forgive something? Was it hard or easy?   

3.    Why do you think Jesus wants us to pass on His love and forgiveness to others, even those who hurt us?   


Ask the Holy Spirit to come and heal any hurts that still feel like they sting a little inside, from what people have said or done to hurt you. Invite Him to show you His amazing love for you and ask Him for the power to forgive them. 


Bomb - using a ball or bean bag, stand in a circle. Pass it around clockwise until someone drops it. When someone drops it everyone shouts bomb and then count together from 10 down to 1, continuing to pass the ball round. The person who is holding the ball when the group lands on 1 (when the bomb explodes) is out. [POINT: we pass on forgiveness not hurt]