Seeing clearly who Jesus is



I was walking across the Peace Bridge this week and there was a fog all over the city, and it was really tricky to see clearly the way ahead. In the story this morning Jesus does an amazing thing by healing a man who was born blind so that he can see. It's a powerful miracle. But the most interesting part of the story, at least I think, is the way that the religious people react to the whole thing. John (who records this story about Jesus in His gospel - John 9), uses it as a picture of what it means to be spiritually blind. In the story it was the religious leaders who couldn't really 'see' Jesus clearly for who He is, they were blind even though the could see with their eyes. And the man born blind was able to see Jesus clearly for who He really is, for His power and love. 


Sometimes, I don't know about you, but we can lose sight of who Jesus really is - His power and love for us. We can forget what He has done and only see the things that are bothering us, annoying or hurting us. Jesus wants us to be able to see Him clearly and then help others to see Him too.  



1.    Why do you think the religious leaders couldn't see Jesus for who He was and the blind man could?  

2.    Can you think of some of the things in our lives that make it difficult for us to see Jesus power and love?   

3.    In what ways can you help others that you know see Jesus' power and love? 


Ask the Holy Spirit to come and show you clearly the love and power of Jesus. It's actually the very thing He loves to do, it's His job to show us what Jesus is really like and He loves to respond to that request. 


Challenge - find a scarf and use it as a blindfold. Create an obstacle course and invite each person to take turns doing it without being able to see (make it safe of course). You could also have a series of objects from around your house that people have to guess without seeing them as a variation of the game [POINT: seeing clearly is not always easy]