supersonic vision

Get comfy and everyone takes it in turn to hold their thumbs out and wiggle them up or down to express how they are and how their week has been. Allow everyone to share why. Perhaps share what God has been doing in your life this week. Why not take a moment to pray about what comes up?

Image by Sincerely Media

All change - choose a volunteer to be blindfolded. The rest of you take up a seat or place in the room ad  don't move. When the volunteer is blindfolded change something (e.g. out someone's watch on someone else, take one shoe off someone, put a cap on someone's head). You can have as much fun as you like even using props. When you are ready, take the blindfold off and see how long it takes them to notice the change [Key point: supersonic vision]

Grab a tasty snack and drink and join Sian-Lee on today's video as we look at our story; Matthew 7:1-5

Family Discussion questions:

  • Have you ever had someone judge you unfairly, what did it feel like?

  • Why do you think Jesus cares about whether we judge others or not?

  • How can we show God's loving kindness to someone this week, even if they aren't someone we think 'deserves' it?

Find a space with your cushion somewhere, bring your journal or paper and pen with you. 

Play this worship music video and spend some time with God, thanking Him for showing you kindness and giving you more that you deserved. Ask Him to sho you how He sees others in your life (family, friends).

Spot the difference - try this spot the difference, can you find all 8? Or why not try creating your own spot the difference based on the story of the speck and plan in the eyes of the people in Jesus' story. Give it to other members of your family and see if they can spot the difference.