Hearts at Home (part 1)



This is the story of how God created the world. God created a beautiful home for us to live in, a place where we could live near Him. It was a place we felt safe, loved, and alive. Our hearts are at home when God is close. 


We know that the world is broken because of sin and that we don’t always feel at home, our hearts can seem restless, we can have experiences that leave us feeling unsafe, unloved, and distant. 


God sent Jesus so that we could come Home, that our hearts could be near God again because our hearts are at home when God is close. 



1.    What’s your favourite thing about creation and why? 

2.    What makes you feel at home and what makes you feel like you’re not at home?  

3.    Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit in your heart? What does it feel like?   


Invite the Holy Spirit – God’s presence – to make His home in your heart, bringing peace and joy and a sense of being ‘at home’. Talk to Jesus about the things that are going on in your life at the moment that might be stealing a sense of peace/ home. Ask Him to work in those situations. 


On a piece of paper design your perfect home (doesn’t have to be a house). Share it with the group. “If you were creating a beautiful place to call home, what would it be like? Who would be there?”