Listening is loving

Get comfy and everyone takes it in turn to hold their thumbs out and wiggle them up or down to express how they are and how their week has been. Allow everyone to share why. Perhaps share what God has been doing in your life this week. Why not take a moment to pray about what comes up?

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Simon Says – someone is the leader; they stand at the front. Everyone else stands facing them. The lead says, ‘Simon says do this’ and then does an action, everyone repeats it. The leader keeps doing this with other actions, always saying beforehand ‘Simon says do this’ and everyone copies as quickly as they can. At some point the leader says ‘Simon says do that’ and does an action. If they group here the phrase ‘do that’ instead of ‘do this’ then they don’t copy. If they do then they are out of the game. [point: listening to God’s instruction]. 

Kids Playing Games

Grab a tasty snack and drink and join Ben on today's video as we look at our story; Exodus 3-13.

Family Discussion questions:

  • In your family how can you tell when someone is really listening to you? 

  • Why do you think that sometimes we don’t listen to what God says?  

  • What can you do this week to help you tune in to the Jesus’ voice in your life?  

Find a space with your cushion somewhere, bring your journal or paper and pen with you. 

Play this worship music video and spend some time with God, asking Him to help you listen and respond to His voice and instruction. Ask Him if there is anything, He wants to speak to you about today.  

At a mealtime or at bedtime spend some time as a family listening to each other – we have this thing called the listening pillow that we hand round and whoever has it speaks about their day or what they are feeling and everyone else has to listen. Practice showing you’ve ‘heard’ what’s been said by encouraging the person who shared.    

Story Time