powerful words

Get comfy and everyone takes it in turn to hold their thumbs out and wiggle them up or down to express how they are and how their week has been. Allow everyone to share why. Perhaps share what God has been doing in your life this week. Why not take a moment to pray about what comes up?

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Timmy's Mallet – use a soft pillow, soft toy or balloon, for a pretend'mallet'. Two people line up against each other, standing opposite. "Timmy" the leader starts the two players off with a word (e.g. Car). Then each person has to say a word that relates or is associated with the other word. They take it in turns. If they take too long or can’t find a word that connects then they get a gentle tap with ‘Timmy’s Mallet’ [point: our words are important]

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Grab a tasty snack and drink and join Ben on today's video as we look at our story; Matthew 8:23-27

Family Discussion questions:

  • Can you think of a time when someone’s words have really helped you?

  • What is your favourite part of the story this week? Why?

  • How can we use our words to show Jesus’ powerful love to people this week?  

Find a space with your cushion somewhere, bring your journal or paper and pen with you. 

Play this worship music video and spend some time asking God to whisper His words to you, words of love and kindness. Then ask Him if you could use your words to bring His life to someone in your family or a friend that you might see this week.  

Why not use your words to write a letter and encourage someone this week. Perhaps a friend, neighbour or grandparent.

Image by Bundo Kim