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... a place to belong

We want to be a people who don't just attend a church service but carry the Kingdom of God into the places and parts of our city and beyond.  

We can’t do this alone, we need one another. We want to encourage one another to put into practice the Way of Jesus and be spurred on to share His life with others. This happens best, when there is space for connection and conversation, beyond the building, where we can support one another to live kingdom lives, lives that leave an impact on the world around us.

That's where our hubs come in. We meet together in small groups every fortnight; some of these groups are completely online whilst others are in person (socially distanced).


Every month we all come together (either in person or through zoom) for our 'hub gathering'. In these moments we get envisioned, sharing stories of what God is doing, take communion together, and invite the working of the Spirit in our midst.

There is room for you, whether you are new or have been around for a while we'd love for you to connect with us through hubs. 

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