When God shows up things change

Get comfy and everyone takes it in turn to hold their thumbs out and wiggle them up or down to express how they are and how their week has been. Allow everyone to share why. Perhaps share what God has been doing in your life this week. Why not take a moment to pray about what comes up?

Image by Sincerely Media

Tangled knots – in a circle have everyone put one of their hands into the middle and grab someone else’s hand. Then everyone puts their other hand in the middle and grabs another hand. Now as a group, without letting go of anyone’s hand you have to try and untangle into one big circle [point: becoming unstuck]

Carbine and Rope

Grab a tasty snack and drink and join Ben on today's video as we look at our story; Acts 9

Family Discussion questions:

  • Tell us about a time where you found yourself stuck?

  • What do you love most about our story this morning? 

  • Who or what could we ask God to change today?  

Find a space with your cushion somewhere, bring your journal or paper and pen with you. 

Play this worship music video and spend some time asking God to show up in the places that things are stuck (in our lives, in our families or in our world). Pray for change. 

Why don’t you sit down as a family and pick one thing that needs change? It might be a big world thing, or it might be a small thing close to you.  The only thing that is important is that it means something to you as a family. Decide to pray for a few minutes every day, if possible, together – around the dinner table. If God speaks to you or shows you things that you can do to help Him, share them or write them down. Aim to pray for 14 days (I know that’s long but try your best). At the end of the 14 days share if anything has changed. If yes, celebrate, if not keep praying. 

Children Praying