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We love getting to be part of a community blessing those working hard on the front lines during this season by stocking the fridges and cupboards of our hospitals and GP surgeries across the city

How to get involved

We don't want anyone making unnecessary journeys but you can pick up some non-perishable items n your normal grocery trip and drop them off at the designated collection point.


If you can't get out right now or are self isolating, you can contribute financially by donating via our paypal account with the reference NHS pantry accessible on our giving page. We'll make sure the money gets used to purchase items that go straight to supporting our frontline workers.


'It takes a village' and Derry is one of the best villages we know so help spread the word and get involved. The more people involved, the more we can bless those who are working on the front lines to protect us!  

Thank you to every person who has donated to this project, we have been stunned by your generosity and we know that trust have been blessed by a city pulling together to show their support.

We can now direct all donations to the designated drop off point at the U3A building on the gransha grouns between the hours of 9am-5pm. The staff would ask that you contact them before arrival on 029 7865127