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Pause of in person gatherings...

Update 22.10.20

We know this is a challenging time and a number of our church family are either self-isolating or indeed have tested positive for Covid-19. We want to pray and see God bring about full and complete healing of those affected and for our wider community. If you are having to self-isolate or are ill and if we could do anything to help or support you at this time, please let us know. As a church family we would love to support you.

We also wanted to inform you that we have been made aware today that one of these cases is from someone in our church community who has also been at the church building recently. Although they were not present at our in person Sunday gathering or the monthly hub gathering last night, they attended their in person hub on Tuesday 20th October. All the relevant people who attended that hub have already been contacted, we are arranging a deep clean of the building and as an extra precaution we have made the decision to pause our in-person gatherings for 2 weeks.

We are still going to be streaming live from the church and would love to connect with you then.

I know this can be an unsettling and challenging time for all of us, and we need the movement of God's spirit more than ever. Can I invite you to join us wherever you are at 7pm tonight to pray for our city and region for healing, for the in breaking of God's kingdom and for those who are finding this time particularly challenging.  

In the middle of all of this God is stirring our hearts for what He is doing around us and it was incredible to hear stories of God moving in people's lives at our Hub gathering last night. Keep stepping into the expansive story of God for those around you. Lifting our eyes and heads to what He is doing.

Much love,

Ben & Sian-Lee

Senior Pastors