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We want to be a people who don't just attend a church service but carry the Kingdom of God into the places and parts of our city and beyond.  

We can’t do this alone, we need one another. We want to encourage one another to put into practice the Way of Jesus and be spurred on to share His life with others. This happens best, when there is space for connection and conversation, beyond the building, where we can support one another to live kingdom lives, lives that leave an impact on the world around us.

That's where our hubs come in. We meet together in small groups every fortnight and then all come together once a month for our corporate hub gathering. 

We meet in smaller groups online across our city and region every fortnight to encourage one another to live out the way of Jesus and share Him with others. We really value moments of connection with each other through conversation, stories, prayer and laughter. Sign up for our autumn hubs is now open below, we would love to have you.

Periodically we all come together for our 'hub gathering'. In these moments we get envisioned, share stories of what God is doing, take communion together, and invite the working of the Spirit in our midst. You are invited!

There is room for you, whether you are new or have been around for a while we'd love for you to connect with us through hubs. 


Adventure of faith (Monday Nights 8pm) - Join us as we explore how to walk in the way of Jesus, by faith. Life with Him is an adventure of faith, not without challenges. But if we can learn to surrender to His rule in our lives we will see Him move in and through us in powerful ways

Meets online

Adventure of faith (Youth Hub) - Hey, meet the one's who are keeping the ginger gene alive on the planet. We're running a youth hub on zoom, for anyone in P7 - Year 12. It will be great fun, we'll get to know each other, have a laugh and journey what this life of faith, following Jesus, is all about. Can't wait to have you join us!

Meets online

Adventure of Faith (Wed Nights 7.30 pm) - Join us as we journey the life of faith together. Following Jesus is an adventure of faith. Even in these uncertain times we can have confidence that the one we follow is faithful to His promises and will bring about His good purposes towards us. Let's encourage one another in the adventure we are on together.

Meets online

Heroes of faith (Tues Nights 8pm) - Join us as we explore the lives of some of our 'heroes of faith'. We'll take time to celebrate their stories & learn from their lives, knowing they can teach us so much about how to live the Way of Jesus in these days. Who is your hero of the faith and why? Let's share and be encouraged.

Meets online

A call to worship (Tues 7pm) - worship is one of our highest values and most sacred practices across the Vineyard. At a time when we've been asked to 'stop singing', some are asking 'what is worship?'. Join us as we explore how we can be a people of worship, who grow and lead others to adore King Jesus. We'll look at what it means to be a family of worshippers and how we can create environments of intimacy with Jesus personally and together in this moment.


Adventure of faith (Wed 7pm) - join us as we journey this adventure of faith together. We'll unpack how to honestly, humbly and courageously walk with Jesus by faith. He has a good and purposeful future for us and will fulfil His promises. In a moment of uncertainty we need one another to build faith and courage for the adventure.


We will explore our value to God and grow in friendship with him and one another. It will be fun, purposeful and a chance to grow as the women God designed us to be. This women of worth hub will go deeper into the story of God in the bible.

Meets @ the shirt factory

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