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Tropical Leaves

Vision  2020 - 2025

Rooted, reaching, replanting

As we re-engage with life beyond lockdown it's important that we consider what's important, what do we value and especially, what is the Spirit saying? 

We've recorded a series of short videos to unpack some of what we sense God saying to us and leading us into as we navigate this next season. 

Setting the scene

The Spirit has been working, in the midst of the chaos to deepen our trust and teach us what it means to with Him, on His terms not ours, for His Kingdom not ours.


The good news of Jesus is visibly seen in this place where we gather. The Spirit is moving, as we show up to serve the community, lives are changing, and families are being restored.


The good news of Jesus spreads and grows, reaching and multiplying across our city and region as we announce and demonstrate His Kingdom to others. 


The good news of Jesus and His Kingdom is extended across our region and beyond as we send people to pioneer new ministries, initiatives, and churches

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