Is it working?

My mum tells me that when I was about 2 I brought a bumble bee into the house to show her. She gasped, until I confidently exclaimed “It’s okay mum, it’s not working!” Does it work? Will it make a difference to my life? Is it real? These are some of the questions that we hear asked all the time about faith and Jesus and what it looks like to follow Him. No longer is it suffice to say, because it’s right or, just because it is. People want to know if there is any truth and depth to it. So, is there? That’s a challenging question, isn’t it? Is this Jesus life actually making any difference to how I think, live, act? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been asking that a lot lately. Does this ‘Kin

The Kingdom of Life - Peace in the Storm

Last night everyone was at home, hatches battened down (do we even have hatches in Derry), and doors closed. Safe from the storm that was about to hit. And it did hit (although not quite as much as I thought it would). It got me thinking, though, about the life that Jesus calls his followers into – the life of the Kingdom of Heaven. There is a promise of life and peace if we put into practice his teachings and ways – yet sometimes in the chaos and metaphorical storms it feels like peace is out of reach. It’s a bit like we curl up in our patterns of comfort and withdrawal and wait for it to pass. Is there more on offer? Does this kingdom life that Jesus came and brought really work? Is it rea

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