Embrace the process...

Wait to you hear this for a quote: "Discovering God's original commission and purpose for humanity can help fortify our resolve to a life of history-shaping significance." G. L. Ladd It's quite wordy but amazingly profound. I love the word fortify! I'm going to try and use it in my conversations today. The reason I love the quote, though, is that living a life of purpose that leaves the world different than we found it does take a whole heap of resolve. And sometimes we don't talk about that part. Most of us at some point in our lives dream of living a life of history-shaping significance. We want to make a difference. And there are moments where we feel purposeful and 'on it'. But truth is,

Does my life have a purpose?

Our worldview shapes how we see things. It's the lens through which we interpret the world around us and even our own place in it. Our culture, the environment around us in the west is not neutral. It has a worldview that is shaping our understanding of the world around us and our place in it. For many of us, me included, life can feel like a wave pulling us in a particular direction. It has it's own momentum and drag. Everybody is being tugged along and the majority view of life can feel at odds with what we read in the teachings of Jesus or see in His life and ministry. So what do we do with that? If we've encountered Jesus and made the decision to make the rest of our lives about trying t

Growing in grace

It's good when things grow. Babies are supposed to grow, if they don't something is not working right. Trees and plants grow and its good that they do. People can grow too, not just physically but in character and maturity and it is good that we grow - we need to grow. Churches grow and it is good that they grow. How we grow, though, is deeply important. What do I mean? Can we grow wrong? Well, yes. We can grow through ambition, being driven, through striving, pushing past others. We can grow outwardly but not with any depth or real transformation. How we grow is important. This morning in our time together we were praying around the theme of GROW - which is our focus for this week. Our desi

Freely you have received, freely give

When I think about the how Jesus taught about and showed the Kingdom of God it gets me excited. The Kingdom of God is really God’s reign and rule; it’s what it looks like when Jesus has His Way in a situation, life or circumstance. One of the most significant marks of Jesus’ Way is GENEROSITY. When we look at religious life in our land we probably don’t immediately think of the word GENEROSITY. There are some incredible examples of people of faith loving the poor, giving away to those in need, opening their homes to the vulnerable and yet Christians often get labelled as judgemental and stingy. But God is not judgemental or stingy. In fact, He is exceedingly generous. Religion teaches us to

Gather - a necessary tension

So we're in the middle of week one of our month of prayer. This Wednesday is our second day of fasting - see more. This week we've been praying specifically around the theme of GATHER. When I think about Gathering what springs to mind is how as a church community we can grow in being an invitational, hospitable movement - rich in welcome and generosity? We are a relational movement, we value authentic friendships, we work at creating safe spaces where people can be vulnerable, we tell people who engage with us as a church to 'come as you are'. Those things are deeply important. We grow, change, reach out and move in purpose out of the overflow of real community. That's why we talk loads abou

Made to go

So as a church family in the city [foyle vineyard] we're taking a month to intentionally seek God and turn our hearts towards Him. That might sound awfully religious so simply put - we're going to pray and fast. It's an old tradition that has always been part of God's people. Many have misused it and got confused about it. So what do we mean when we say we're going to pray and fast? Well, fasting is giving up something (usually food or something nice) so you can cultivate in your heart a greater hunger for God. It's not twisting God's arm, we can't do that. It's not whining like a toddler or groaning like a teenager to try and get our way. That doesn't work. It is a choice. A choice to make

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