Beautiful roses & smelly mulch (lessons from the garden) - part 2

So, we looked in part 1 at roses and the need for pruning or ‘cutting off’ in our lives – what rhythms have you put in to help with that? What choices are you going to make? The other lesson we’ve learned from the garden is the beauty and effectiveness of mulch (although it is kinda smelly!). Mulch is a covering that you add to flower beds to help with feeding and keep weeds at bay. It works because it has nutrients in it and also creates a barrier to those ugly weeds (technical language) you don’t want to mess up your flower bed. So, what’s the life lesson from the garden? Well, just like we need spiritual practices (we called them ‘rhythms of grace’) that help us with the cutting off proce

Beautiful roses & smelly mulch (lessons from the garden) - part 1

[The Holy Spirit - part 2] - We've been attempting a bit of gardening. It's been fun and a bit of a learning curve. It's also teaching me some life lessons. Lesson number 1 comes from pruning roses. Apparently if you have a dead branch on your rose bush and you don't cut it off then it slowly begins to kill the rest of the rose bush - so it needs to be cut off - to be pruned (horticulturists - if I've got my facts wrong I apologise but its a good life lesson all the same). In our life, we need to cut things off - to prune attitudes, activities, emotional patterns, sins, behaviours that are killing us. Jesus talks a lot about this as do many other writers in the Bible. Jesus says pluck out yo

Power & love go together

The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to better understand & live out the reality of God’s love and power. I’ve been reading the letter Paul writes to Corinth (the first one) to get a handle on it. The letter is full of interesting things of note but the main message that comes out is that power and love go together. In fact, I would go a step further to say that the expression of God’s power in and through us is His love. This community in Corinth was birthed in power and there was many incredible things going on – but they had not grown-up into the love of Christ. It was a bit like a toddler with a stick of dynamite – they had all the power but without the maturity of a life of love to

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