Made to go

So as a church family in the city [foyle vineyard] we're taking a month to intentionally seek God and turn our hearts towards Him.

That might sound awfully religious so simply put - we're going to pray and fast. It's an old tradition that has always been part of God's people. Many have misused it and got confused about it. So what do we mean when we say we're going to pray and fast?

Well, fasting is giving up something (usually food or something nice) so you can cultivate in your heart a greater hunger for God. It's not twisting God's arm, we can't do that. It's not whining like a toddler or groaning like a teenager to try and get our way. That doesn't work. It is a choice. A choice to make a small sacrifice that physically costs us something - in order to create a greater focus and longing for the one that we love and follow - Jesus.

So that's what we're doing. We're intentionally choosing to do something physical to express our love for Jesus and to cultivate a hunger for more of Him in our lives.

It's more than that though - we're doing it together? Why together? Why's that important?

Well, because in the story of God throughout the