Stories of hope

“Cities and regions are changed by people of faith who tell stories of hope.” I don’t know about you but I’m prone to grumble. You? We all like a good moan don’t we. Even at the office we like to tell stories of bad things that have happened, and the stories keep getting progressively worse until we all feel a little bit more hopeless than when we started chatting. Perhaps it’s something in the water or in our culture that we’re taught to look at what’s not happening or what might go wrong. We start the conversation off, “What a lovely day today” and someone responds, “Yes, but don’t know how long it will last.” It’s kind of funny and at the same time a little bit broken. We do the same with

Peace over chaos

We had another windy night last night, the leaves are lying across the driveway, all over the garden. It reminded me of something of the longing in our lives for peace in the midst of chaos. In the Way of Jesus (the Kingdom of God) there is a promise of life and peace if we put into practice his teachings and ways – yet sometimes in the chaos of life it feels like peace is out of reach. It’s a bit like we curl up in our patterns of comfort and withdrawal and wait for it to pass. Is there more on offer? Does this kingdom life that Jesus came and brought really work? Is it real for you and for me? I believe so. And yet, at times it can feel far off. Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about thi

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