Two Ways, One Life (Matt. 7: 13-29)

Jesus didn’t mince His words in His ‘crashing’ epilogue to His most famous Sermon. His ‘two by four’ close -- two ways, two trees, two claims, two builders, one way to LIFE -- is a sobering reality in balance to His attractive picture of an ideal Christian life. Hearing and not obeying Jesus, put plainly, is a fatal and self-destructive position that guarantees everlasting isolation from His radical love. Hard words, yes. But motivating for His people who have been gifted with God’s message of redemption whilst there is still time. As Foyle Vineyard presses on into the last foundation of the four – gather, grow, give, and now GO - Jesus’s teaching challenges us to firstly reflect on our own

My beautiful antidote

There’s a cultural and religious pride that I’ve noticed – in me, in those around me – and it lies to us. It says subtly – “I can do better than this, if I just try harder”, “At least I’m not as bad as ….” There’s a language of cultural and religious shame that runs deep – in me, in those around me – and it lies to us, too. It says harshly – “I am never going to make it”, “I’m no good”, “It’s just the way things are, I can’t change”. And these two narratives, these two lies, play off one another. Pride tries to make my mess as insignificant as possible, trivial even. It tries to get me to put off change, to make myself look more presentable to others, to find clever ways to hide the reality

A Thankless love

Hello all! Three sentence introduction of myself: my name is Julia, and I’m an American from the state of Ohio, a place where you probably have no reason to go and would probably be bored if you did. I’m currently doing a three-month internship with the Vineyard church in Belfast, and I have the privilege to help the Foyle Vineyard on occasion as well. I like both cats and dogs, I take my tea with milk (no sugar), and I currently volunteer at this great Belfast organization called Storehouse. Storehouse is a dynamic place where the vulnerable in our city are welcomed in. Their names are learned, their stories are heard, and then, if we can, their needs are met; we hand out food bags, clothes

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