Hope that runs deep...

In the first part "I want hope... ...don't you" I looked at how to start on the journey of being a person of hope. In this post I want to talk a little bit about the reality that developing hope in our lives is a process. If hope is personified in Jesus then it's only through forging a deep friendship with him that hope can be deeply embedded in us. That means allowing his powerful and loving rule into every area of our lives - our thinking, our behaviours, our actions, our relationships. This always leads to life and hope but it isn't always easy. It's a bit like digging a well or drilling for oil (not that I've ever done this) but my sense is it takes a bit of work before you draw water or

I want hope... ...don't you?

This week I’ve been impacted by several events and scenarios that have caused me to think about what it means to live with hope. Between conversations with my wife after her return from a women’s event, a few of my own internal battles and conversations with God, reading a guy with the best name ‘Francis Frangipane’ and thinking upon some portions of the Bible – it has all got me thinking about hope. I often think about hope but this time it’s a little different – it’s less about trying to figure hope out and more a ‘I want hope to overflow from my life’. I know that without hope exuding from my life this dream of seeing a city and region marked by hope is a ludicrous adventure. Everything G

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