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Setting our Compass

One of the things that the New Year brings is a fresh look at the way ahead, the year in front of us. For some that's daunting prospect for others of us we can't wait to get started.

A rhythm that I've begun to establish in my life at the beginning of the year is to attempt to 'mark out a straight path for my feet'. This involves a few things:

1. Looking at where we are (our current position)

2. Getting vision for the way ahead

3. Setting the direction of our steps

4. Building a pattern of life to help get us there

On Thursday night past a few of us gathered to do this together. I can recommend it as a spiritual practice. If you look at the life of Jesus you'll notice that he was super intentional in how he lived his life, the practices he engaged in, the people he spent time with, the places he travelled to and when.

So, I've provided some tools to help you have a go yourself - you can also follow along the audio recordings below and the exercises are also included below:

Bible Project Video on the HEART (lev) [click here]

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