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Growing in grace

It's good when things grow. Babies are supposed to grow, if they don't something is not working right. Trees and plants grow and its good that they do. People can grow too, not just physically but in character and maturity and it is good that we grow - we need to grow.

Churches grow and it is good that they grow.

How we grow, though, is deeply important.

What do I mean? Can we grow wrong? Well, yes. We can grow through ambition, being driven, through striving, pushing past others. We can grow outwardly but not with any depth or real transformation. How we grow is important.

This morning in our time together we were praying around the theme of GROW - which is our focus for this week. Our desire is to GROW in every sense but in particular to grow in holiness. Being holy is really about being 'set apart' for a particular purpose - God's purpose. To be holy is to live in such a way that our lives align with the purposes of God, which leads to blessing.

So back to how we grow. I realised something again this week and was reminded of it this morning - how we grow is determined by what we draw our sustenance from. In other words, the root system of our lives. Are we rooted in grace or are we rooted in guilt. Are we drawing our sustenance (our life) from the presence of Jesus or from religion. What drives us forward - what enables us to grow?

Are we growing by striving because underneath it all we feel a gnawing sense of worthlessness, inadequacy? Or are we growing because the grace of God's presence is sustaining us. It matters. It matters how we grow.

I want to lead and be part of a people who are rooted and established in love, driven not by guilt but by the gracious presence of Jesus. In John 15 Jesus tells us to abide (remain) in the vine, to remain in His love. If we don't we won't produce anything life giving. If we do, we'll grow.

How we grow is important, so lets grow together in grace.

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